Charitable Land Donation to Public Agencies

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Case Study

Charitable Land Donation to Public Agencies

Lot A and Lot Y Donations to City of Folsom

Client: Alleghany Properties

Lead Attorney: Martha Lofgren

Negotiated the donation of two separate parcels, owned by private entities, to the City of Folsom via Charitable Donation agreements in exchange for relief from assessment district payments and concurrence by public agency in tax deduction status.

  • Prepared Letter of Intents and reviewed appraisals obtained by clients
  • Drafted Charitable Donation Agreements and Gift Deeds
  • Presented terms to City Manager and City Attorney, as well as providing overview to elected officials of benefits to City
  • City agreed to assume assessment payments, relieving landowner of any future financial obligations
  • City consented to characterization of transactions to qualify for tax deductions
  • One transaction resulted in the preservation of heritage oak trees and potential Native American artifacts, resulting in an award to the landowner by the local Historic Preservation League
  • Second transaction resolved issue of agency use of private property for a drainage facility, removing any real development potential for the site