Florin Vineyard

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Case Study

Florin Vineyard

Client: Florin Vineyard Property Owners Group

Lead Attorney: Roy Brewer

Brewer Lofgren served as project manager for a group of 28 property owners, lessees and option holders with a combined total of 35 applications before Sacramento County, all within a 3,770-acre community plan area. The firm represented the owner/applicant group before:

  • County departments
  • Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors
  • Elk Grove Unified School District
  • Southgate Recreation & Park District
  • Community Planning Advisory Committees for the South Sacramento and Florin areas

Over the course of the project, Brewer Lofgren:

  • Negotiated the initial Public Facilities Financing Plan, the Air Quality Management Plan, and the policy guidelines and development standards for inclusion in the Community Plan document
  • Managed work assignments and delivery of work products by the project consultant team, the collection of monies from the owner/applicants for payment of the consultant team, County Planning and preparation by the County of the EIR, in addition to the Community Plan and Public Facilities Financing Plan. The Community Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors and each individual application advanced to the Board was approved