Aerojet Waste Consolidation Unit


Case Study

Aerojet Waste Consolidation Unit

Lead Attorney: Roy Brewer

Location: Sacramento County, California

Approval of an amendment to the Aerojet Special Planning Area (SPA) zoning ordinance to accommodate a one million cubic yard Class II landfill on a portion of the property that is already the site of a landfill. The new landfill is for the exclusive use by Aerojet to accept non-hazardous materials from within the Aerojet campus of approximately 12,000 acres. Truck traffic is limited to within the Aerojet property and will not rely on public roadways. Approval of the landfill with conditions avoided an estimated 4.3 million miles of truck traffic on public roadways to transport materials to Class II landfills outside of Sacramento County, as well as an estimated 9.3 million pounds green-house gas emissions associated with diesel truck traffic. Approval followed consultation with the County of Sacramento, the City of Rancho Cordova, the City of Folsom, the Cordova Planning Advisory Committee, and approvals by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the County of Sacramento and CalRecycle.